Melbourne – About Us

Our Purpose

Promote in all aspects of life the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only God of heaven and earth, and to act from kindness towards others. We facilitate this by the sharing of Christian principles found in the Bible as given in the spiritual teachings revealed to Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772). We do not understand the Bible in a literalist or fundamentalist manner but as dynamic and alive with ever deepening levels of meaning. The essential value of the Bible is to provide the tools for right living in our thinking and actions. References to God being angry, judgmental and someone to be feared are seen to be appearances of the real truth when the text is viewed spiritually; God is total love and that love is freely offered to everyone universally whatever their background, beliefs and approach to life. Consequently, we recognise and respect the value and place of all other spiritual approaches which accept a source of life outside the individual and live in kindness towards others in accordance with their beliefs.

Our Vision

Share and promote our New Christian-based spiritual principles in support of personal and community growth.

Our Mission

Teaching of the Bible and its inner meaning with Swedenborg’s spiritual writings through a Christian context, while recognizing other spiritual perspectives, to support personal and community growth.

  • Reaching out into the community to those open to living a life based on Christian principles;
  • Serving to provide opportunities for people to learn spiritual principles and develop faith while sharing in fellowship; and
  • Fostering a caring and supportive environment to facilitate a person’s spiritual journey.

Our Faith is summarised:

  • There is one God, in whom is the Divine Trinity. He is the Lord God the Saviour Jesus Christ;
  • A faith based on a belief and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ can lead to salvation;
  • Evil actions must not be done, because they are the works of the hells and come from the hells;
  • Good actions must be done, because they are the works of the Lord and come from the Lord;
  • These actions should be performed as if they were our own, but we must believe that they are done by the Lord working in us and through us.

Our Origins

While we call ourselves ‘The New Church’, the newness does not relate to time but in a renewed understanding of Christian principles. The organisation was founded in 1784 in England when a group of readers of Swedenborg’s works decided it was necessary to separate from the established churches in which they were worshipping. The first known adherent to the spiritual teachings found in Swedenborg’s works arrived in Sydney in 1833. New Church families began arriving in Melbourne from 1843, the first formal meeting being held 10 years later. The first place of worship was built and opened in 1873 on the corner of Albert Street and Morrison Place in East Melbourne. Regular activities were held there until 1962 when the decision was taken to sell the building, acquire the large block of land in High Street Road, Mt. Waverley. The current building was opened in October 1963.

Today, members and friends of the Church are drawn from most parts of greater Melbourne and also in country areas of Victoria.

Swedenborg Related Material

A good range of books are available for lending purposes or purchase and if you are interested, please contact Neville Jarvis on (03) 8555 9116 for catalogues, brochures and price lists.

Contact details

Melbourne New Church Secretary:
Mr. Helmut Lopaczuk
Phone 0409 184 643
Postal Address:
PO Box 2224
Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Welcoming all people to be part of a living community serving the Lord and encouraging personal development