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Our Prayer for our Church

Dear Lord

Bless this church and keep all those that may pass under its shelter, protected and safe.

Allow the angels to form a sphere of love and happiness around it, never wavering and ever steadfast.

May its every corner be filled with golden memories from echoes of joyful worship and murmurs of contentment.


Love from Sarah and Julien

“And the Lord thy God shall guide thee continually ….. and thou shalt be like a watered garden.” Isaiah 58:11.

Try to believe in Divine Providence. To do so will give you such happiness. The Lord loves you, and will guide you if you will look to Him. Looking to Him means listening to His voice and loving His Commandments. He will guide you then, all the way, and bring you safely through all your difficulties.

Your mind will become like a watered garden, full of colour and rich with fruit. It will be a mind where the Lord can walk and communicate with you.

We pray that together we will seek the Lord’s Will for us so that we may walk in His Light.

Our Faith can be summarised by the following statement:

  • There is one God, in whom is the Divine Trinity. He is the Lord God the Saviour Jesus Christ;
  • A faith based on a belief and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ can lead to salvation;
  • Evil actions must not be done, because they are the works of the hells and come from the hells;
  • Good actions must be done, because they are the works of the Lord and come from the Lord;
  • These actions should be performed as if they were our own, but we must believe that they are done by the Lord working in us and through us.

Welcoming all people to be part of a living community serving the Lord and encouraging personal development