Dietary Requirements Form

This form is to advise of your specific dietary requirements and assumes you have already booked for the camp or are just about to. If you are looking for the form for booking you can find that here or if you are wishing to submit an expression of interest instead please do so on the form here.

If any campers have a strict dietary requirement that is essential to their health and well being, (e.g. food allergy), we need to know so we can inform the Alexandra Park Conference Centre. The camp will cater for the listed special dietary requirements, but please note:

  • Dietary changes after 15th December may incur an extra fee per person.
  • Dietary requirements outside of the standards listed below may not be able to be accommodated for.
  • Any campers with dietary requirements that are not a part of the standard list of “Special Diets” may be required to supply some or all of their own catering needs.
  • Any dietary requirements we are not aware of will not be able to be catered for.

If any of the campers on your booking suffer from anaphylaxis you need to email through their action plan to Chris Kendrick at in addition to completing the dietary requirements form below.

Please remember you need to complete a separate form for each camper.

On completion of this form you should receive a confirmation that it has been sent, if not please contact Chris Kendrick at

Dietary Requirements
  • No Grains Products or Grain Derivatives (Except for Rice and Corn Maize).
  • No Milk, Dairy Products or Milk Derivatives and no Grain Products or Grain Derivatives (Except for Rice and Corn maize). Note: You will need to supply your own Milk and Bread.
  • Intolerance to Lactose (Milk, Dairy Products).
  • No Animal Products.
  • No Meat, No Fish.

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