About Us

The New Church in Australia is a religious organisation that provides identity and integration for those who are within it. These are Societies, which are centres of activity, The Australian New Church College, Groups and individual people who are in or may come into connection with the organisation. The primary purpose of The New Church in Australia is to foster the spiritual life of all.

The New Church in Australia is based on spiritual practice and development as they are shown in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and given in the Lord’s Word. The organisation has a long and considerable history since its establishment in 1885 to bring together member societies around Australia.

Our Mission

We enable growth of people’s relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, by facilitating learning and development through the spiritual writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and the Lord’s Word.

Our Vision                  

Welcoming all people to be part of a living community serving the Lord and encouraging personal development.

Our Values

Our values are drawn from the constitution and are fundamental to the life of the NCIA:

  • To identify and deepen our relationship with the Lord;
  • To come to know and identify with key teachings of the New Church;
  • To live accordingly;
  • To value our people;
  • To be good corporate citizens;
  • To be in shared community
  • To facilitate personal development