Canberra – About Us

Mission Statement

The New Church in Canberra exists for the purpose of bringing the people of Canberra and surrounding region to The Lord God Jesus Christ, by offering quality spiritual guidance and teaching – based on the Bible and the Theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. We hope to achieve this by offering a variety of events and courses aimed to suit the casual enquirer, those looking for practical guidance in dealing with everyday issues, those interested in exploring the spiritual underpinning of our natural lives, and for the worship of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting the spiritual principles of living for all levels of society – individual, community, nation and all humanitiy – based on the Bible and the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg;
  • Being an active part of the local and wider community, by living and working together as like-minded individuals; and
  • Discovering a spiritual life, which is achievable for all.

Our Faith can be summarised by the following statement:

  • There is one God, in whom is the Divine Trinity. He is the Lord God the Saviour Jesus Christ;
  • A faith based on a belief and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ can lead to salvation;
  • Evil actions must not be done, because they are the works of the hells and come from the hells;
  • Good actions must be done, because they are the works of the Lord and come from the Lord;
  • These actions should be performed as if they were our own, but we must believe that they are done by the Lord working in us and through us.

Our Minister

Rev. David Moffat

David began ministry in Canberra in 2000, following three years in Birmingham, England. Before his training, David worked as a musician and music teacher in Melbourne and Sydney. He continues to enjoy keen interests in music and education. He is married to Pam and they have three children.

Welcoming all people to be part of a living community serving the Lord and encouraging personal development