Six Gestures of Morning Praise

Modified from “Six Gestures of Morning Praise” by Joyce Rupp.

1. I thank you, LORD, for the gift of another day. (Reach high above your head.)

2. I reach out in compassion to my sisters and brothers. (Reach out in front of you with upward palms.)

3. I give to you, LORD, all that I am and all that I have. (Reach outwards from your sides.)

4. I am open to receiving the plans that the LORD has for me. (Cup your hands in front of your waist.)

5. I touch the Earth, the LORD’s creation, with gratitude and reverence. (Reach down and touch the ground.)

6. May I be united with you, LORD, and invite you in. (Bring your hands together at your breast and bow your head.)

Brought to the Retreat by,

Jennifer Lindsay

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